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The MCV Summer Camp is a blast and open to girls ages 10 and up.  Girls will learn fundamental volleyball skills from expert coaches that will serve them well as they start their middle school, high school, and club seasons.  They will have a great time practicing in a high energy setting.  Players have continuously raved about how much fun they have at this camp, and parents agree that they can see huge improvements in skills throughout the week.  We hope to see you at the 2019 MCV Summer camp!


Summer Camp Testimonials


POSITIVE and Intense

Aaron Wong is a legend! He is the most POSITIVE coach we've ever encountered. He manages to make the coaching intense and challenging while being extremely positive! My daughter was exhausted and sore after each day of camp. Her improvement in all skills in just four days was phenomenal. His positiveness is completely contagious. What a wonderful experience! 

I've actually overheard people talking about him at American Sports Center. Parents try to watch his team play, just so they can watch him coach! I cannot recommend him highly enough. ~Heidi P

Energy and Motivation

 I had the opportunity to attend a coaching clinic by Aaron Wong this year. Having had personal experience as a player and coach I wondered what would I get out of his clinic. I happily learned many things from Aaron. A few of the things that stood out to me instantly about Aaron is his high interest and energy level for volleyball. He is passionate, fun and intense. He has a great grasp on how to teach and motivate athletes from within and to expect results from them. I really enjoyed just being around Aaron. He gets the game and can break down the parts of the game so that anyone can understand them.  He conveys his message very well  ~ Erin L

Dream Coach


We have done several camps outside Mammoth.  Aaron's camp was by far the best.  My daughter learned more in this camp than the other's combined.  As an added bonus, they are learning as a team who will continue to play together through their middle and high school years.  Aaron is so relatable to the kids- he has a very unique style of coaching that is uplifting, positive, and most importantly - FUN. Even our  coaches have learned from Aaron's camp. 

I have a friend down south who's son plays high level club ball.  When they found out Aaron was doing a camp in Mammoth they were so excited.  Their son does not play for Aaron, however, he is "their dream coach" from watching him work with his boys at their club level.

Do not miss out on this opportunity!  Not only is it a great deal dollar for dollar based on fees down south, but you wont spend all that Costco and Target money while there :-)

Thank you MCVB for hosting this amazing opportunity for our kids. 

Cheryl (Adison's Mom)

This camp is a priority


Our family has invested in a volleyball camp each summer for the past four years. We started with a beach volleyball camp, moved on to a college camp, then to a major university camp. 

I can say without exception, the value of Aaron Wong's camp last summer stood out from all of the other camp experiences as related to how much marked improvement our daughter experienced. We could see, and she could feel, a noticeable difference in her game after the camp she did with Aaron.

One of the benefits of Aaron's camp is the amount of time; the full four days add almost a full day to what the typical college/university camp tend to be.

Another of the benefits is the vast knowledge, energy and experience Aaron brings when he coaches. He has developed expert skills in the game, and in teaching the minute details of the game, to his players.

Another benefit is his ability to manage the group of players with high expectations and to keep all of the players engaged. He makes camp so much fun (and  A LOT of work, too!) that the athletes enjoy it immensely, while, at the same time, developing their skills to much higher levels.

We will never miss an opportunity for a camp with Aaron again, and will prioritize it over any other camp opportunities we might have! ~Heidi T

Advanced, Intermediate & Mini Camps

We've got Altitude!